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Paradise Community Center

“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.”― Alice Hocker

As a way of giving back to society, Shelloyees sacco decided to step in and help Paradise community center in Kibera. Paradise community took center is a children’s home which was started by Pamela Awino in 2002.She started it at first by helping two children who had been abandoned, later on the community chose her as  a women’s leader in that area. The community would then bring her abandoned children and because of her big heart for children she took them under her shelter. This kind act would leave her a single mother because her husband then abandoned her claiming she took in “strangers” and uses all her income to take care of them. She would cook using firewood in the small house which she currently is housing 58 needy children. We identified the risk in terms of using firewood which can easily spread as fire, the smoke is a risk in terms of health plus it saves her time while preparing food for the children. We therefore supported them by buying them a cooker and we will be providing them with 13kg LPG gas to make it easy and safer for them to cook.In our little way we  are helping Pamela to create a little paradise for the needy children.

“We rise by lifting others”, Robert Ingersoll