Mtu ni Plot

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We have been listening to you and using your feedback to ensure you get the things that matter to you most! If there is any asset we all dream of acquiring its land. Why? Simply because it is the one asset that always appreciates with time, it’s scarce plus you can put it into many uses. You can build a house to live in, houses to rent, lease it, use the title as collateral I mean the possibilities here are endless. This month Shelloyees Sacco we unveil to you the Ongata Rongai project with unbeatable offers of special 100% financing, with no requirements of prior savings or deposits!

Why you should invest in this plots

  • Plots in Tuala, OLOOSIRKON RANGAU just after the new RAILWAY STATION
  • It is a flat prime piece of land situated on a high level ground.
  • The new railway station will be easily be accessible from the plot.
  • The upcoming area is open to NAZARENE UNIVERSITY near the main tarmacked road.

With the current debate in parliament of doing away with interest capping loans will hit sky rocket rates, because banks will fully leverage the opportunity. Buying assets like land is going to cost you an arm and a leg, the requirements outrageous take advantage of the Sacco offers while the plots still exist.

Reasons you should take up this lucrative offer like no other

Get to own property and secure your future plus that of your loved ones at ksh 750,000 only, at very affordable installments of Kshs 16,872.00 per month. Hurry while the plots last!

We all know that that land in Kenya has been known to appreciate by an average of 20% annually a trend which is common across the board for high, middle and low cost land.


If you invested Kshs 750,000 today in land, you will break even in 4 years and furthermore the market value for your investment in 5 years will be Kshs 1.86 million. 5years is the same period you will take to clear your loan. Please see the reality in table below:

Initial Investment Kshs 750,000.00

Appreciation @20% p.a


Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

Terms and Conditions for the Asset Financing

  1. Repayment period of 60 months.
  2. Interest rate of 12% per annum.
  3. Financing is 100% of the plot value.
  4. No deposits or prior savings required.
  5. Title to be handed over to member immediately upon clearance of the loan.
  6. f) Valuation and legal cost waived for members.